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The Dawn of Telemedicine

The dawn of telemedicine
In the future, surgeons may be able to operate on you from thousands of miles away. Doctors and scientists at Yale are working to make it possible. Read about it in this week's online exclusive.

Planet of

Listen to what you've been reading about. Visit the Planet of Sound to listen to songs from albums reviewed in this week's Arts & Entertainment section. This week: Soundgarden, Dar Williams, and The Flaming Lips.

Pick the

Try your hand at predicting this weekend's NFL winners. If you're good enough, you may win a chance to guest in the next Smack Zone.

When policy and intimacy intersect
With the lights low, shades drawn, and mood music in the air, certain thoughts are probably not at the forefront of a Yalie's mind. In the heat of a passionate moment, very few students contemplate the policies stated in the Undergraduate Regulations handbook. Few consider whether they are the disadvantaged partner in a power relationship. Some even fail to recognize that they might be putting themselves at risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Whether students realize it or not, however, these issues are constantly being debated. Even within the very intimate realm of sexual relationships, the Yale Administration tries to protect students' emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.

Yale faculty, teaching assistants, and freshman counselors are all components of a University-backed student support system. Therefore, the University considers any breach within this system to be a potential threat to students' mental and emotional health. The most direct way that the University enters what appears to be an otherwise `private' realm is by discouraging amorous relations between students and people in positions of power, like teachers and couselors....

The cover story for this week's print edition of the Yale Herald.

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