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Athlete of the Week: Annie Scholz

Annie Scholz, DC '02

Women's Golf

Height: 5'6"
Hometown: Orlando, Fla.
Favorite Drink: Diet Coke
Superstitions: Plays tournaments with the same glove that she wore in her last practice round; uses a quarter with a year corresponding to a low golf score, usually 1965, as a ball marker
Funniest sports moment: "Last year I made a bet that if I didn't shoot 75 I would wear a bra on my head on the way to the van. I didn't shoot a 75."

No one will contest the fact that Annie Scholz, DC '02, is a force on the golf course. Known for her cool, business-like approach on the greens, Scholz is a consistent player that has made key contributions to the team so far this season. On Sat., Oct. 2, Scholz was the only Bulldog to break 80, recording a final-round 79, to lead the women's golf team to a whopping 20-shot comeback win over Hartford after trailing by three strokes entering Saturday's competition.

Scholz is critical to the Bulldogs for many other reasons. She is, after all, the supplier of the team's big weapon, a never-fail pre-game ritual that has undoubtedly been the main reason for the team's perfect 3-0 start this season. The secret? Britney Spears. "The fact of the matter is," Scholz said, "if you polled the collegiate population, most people would admit that they are indeed closet Britney Spears fans." Before any day of competition, a little dose of Britney is a must as the team gets psyched for the match. Tops on Scholz's Britney playlist? "`Hit Me Baby One More Time,' of course," Scholz insists.

"Annie always provides her own quirkiness," teammate Sarah Seo, TD '02, said. "It creates a great atmosphere on the team, makes the team more cohesive."

Scholz missed most of last season with a bothersome ankle injury. Nicknamed "Hoppy" by teammates for her slight limp, Scholz, who signs her e-mails "Annie Hop Along," still has to ice her ankle after every round of play. "She never complains," Seo said. "She'll ask for ice, and that'll be all you hear from her."

Scholz, a Florida native, started playing golf when she was 10, just following her father out to the golf course in the beginning. She started playing in junior tournaments and became very competitive in high school, where she finished second in the state junior golf tournament.

"There was not such a great team dynamic," she said of her high school team. "But now, here, everyone gets along so well, everyone wants to do well for each other." Scholz has been the team motivator many times this season. In the season opener against Dartmouth, Scholz saw that the team was uninspired. "It was really early and really cold," she explained. So Scholz made a single proclamation to pump the team up: "This course is my bitch!" It worked, and the attitude stuck: according to the players, this has become somewhat of a team slogan.

Positive team chemistry has been the trademark of the Bulldogs, who lost the Ivy title by a heartbreaking two shots last year to Princeton. Scholz may be the difference for the talented and balanced Eli squad this year. And in the clutch, they always have their Britney.

Photo by Cayte Pushkareva.

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